For this week, we tried to create a new app from scratch to test our skills and comfort levels with ionic, angular and javascript. I pitched a couple of ideas on Monday but decided to go with one that I thought would be fun: a Photo Scavenger Hunt App.

The basic idea is to take photos of things you think are cool or unique, and challenge your friends to take a better one. Then people can vote on the photos and winner could get badges or trophies based on their successes.

I love taking photos and I like the idea of getting people excited about exploring their surroundings better. Rather than focusing on how you look for selfies, you can go outside and find quarky little treasures in and around your city and make a game of it.

Go find the tree with the most personality:

Or the best bookstore:

So once I had my idea solidified I began the planning. Since I've been terrible about planning in the past, I decided to write down exactly what I needed to do and try and define the scope of my project.

What I wanted to do with this app:
1) Allow users to take a photo
2) Allow users to submit a photo
3) Allow users to create a challenge
4) Display photos that have been submited
5) Vote on photos
6) Display winners
7) Login (so that they could get their badges for winning)

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